Iron Age

The mystery of the rune disc

The rune inscribed stone disc (OR 1) from Stackrue Broch.
This glorious Sunday we spent in Lyking, trying to get to the bottom of a mystery. We had invited Andrea Blendl along: She is doing a PhD on runic inscriptions, and I (Raggie) am one of her supervisors. Andrea had for some time tried to find out more about the history of a rune inscribed [...]Read more of The mystery of the rune disc...

Kit Huntling’s

At last, after two failed attempts, we have conquered Kit Huntling’s. This is a site far away into the peat hills between Harray and Evie parishes. We first tried to get to it from the wrong direction, which meant wading through waist-deep heather and climbing the ups and downs of rows and rows of old […]

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The cliff edge broch

Near Yesnaby is the stunning clifftop broch of Borwick, dating from the Iron Age. You are literally on the edge of the world here, as you cling onto the rock with the Atlantic underneath you. Or, not even all underneath, as while we were there the waves were crashing against it and sending spray and […]

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