Devil’s clawmarks, Sanday

The so called Devil's Clawmarks, Ladykirk, Sanday.

The so called Devil's Clawmarks, Ladykirk, Sanday. In the island of Sanday, there is a village and a parish both called Lady, after the old Ladykirk there. The church is now a roofless ruin, but you can still climb up the stone stairs that once led from the outside to the upper level. On the [...]

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The mystery of the rune disc

The rune inscribed stone disc (OR 1) from Stackrue Broch.

This glorious Sunday we spent in Lyking, trying to get to the bottom of a mystery. We had invited Andrea Blendl along: She is doing a PhD on runic inscriptions, and I (Raggie) am one of her supervisors. Andrea had for some time tried to find out more about the history of a rune inscribed [...]

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The magic of New Year’s Day

Happy New Year! I had some good news today: The Brodgar chocolates have been flying off the shelves in Stromness. So it seems that I need to get out of holiday mode and get my chocolate tools out of the drawer again! Also, I’m delighted to say that I’m working on some gorgeous new Pictish […]

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Kit Huntling’s

At last, after two failed attempts, we have conquered Kit Huntling’s. This is a site far away into the peat hills between Harray and Evie parishes. We first tried to get to it from the wrong direction, which meant wading through waist-deep heather and climbing the ups and downs of rows and rows of old […]

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Yesnaby’s natural wonders

We had a great day out today, admiring Yesnaby’s natural wonders. Yesnaby is the steep cliffs along the Orkney Mainland’s west coast, so on a windy day such as today we had to hold onto our hats — and children! But the waves were all the more spectacular! Crashing over the clifftops, shooting foam balls […]

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A mysterious patterned stone found on the shore in Rendall

New Year’s Eve 2015 Much to be discovered along the coast in Rendall today. We parked by the “doo-cot”, a beehive type dovecot [Link:] which acted as the winter live meat larder for the Hall of Rendall. From there, there’s a good view of Gairsay, where the notorious 12th century pirate Sveinn Asleifarson once […]

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