The magic of New Year’s Day

Bay of Skaill, Sandwick

Happy New Year!

I had some good news today: The Brodgar chocolates have been flying off the shelves in Stromness. So it seems that I need to get out of holiday mode and get my chocolate tools out of the drawer again! Also, I’m delighted to say that I’m working on some gorgeous new Pictish designs, with help from Malcolm Robinson of Jara Craft. More on that to come.

“I saw the Stenness Monster ” by Harry Berry from Hoy.

Today, the first day of the new year, has been on a folklore theme. For New Year’s Day is when the Stenness Monster wakes – at least according to our ten year old. We spotted a dark shadow in the water, and ducks disappearing beneath the surface!! It is also the day when standing stones come alive and walk to the loch side to drink. The Watchstone, though, chose on this occasion to remain dignified and still.

The Watchstone by Brodgar

Afterwards, we went out to the Bay of Skaill, known as the site of the battle against the Finn King. The men of Sandwick had only a small boat, the Ram, between them and the fury of these Sea Fairies and their king. I could really feel the atmosphere of the sea battle today, as the wind whipped the foam off the wave crests.

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