World War 1 and 2

Stone sculpture: “Legends of Scapa Flow”

"Legends of Scapa Flow from Dyke End" sculpture by Chris Gee 2020
by Christopher Gee, Kirkwall, 2020 I decided to make this low relief stone carving in Orkney flagstone for this winter’s exhibition at the Pier Arts Centre, open from the 28th November until the 24th December. It and all the other artworks, which are for sale, are made by people in Orkney. "Legends of Scapa Flow [...]Read more of Stone sculpture: “Legends of Scapa Flow”...

Sssh, don’t tell – Flotta is our secret!

Detail of the exquisite carved cross decoration on the Flotta Stone Pictish altar front.
Flotta: A hidden gem among the Orkney Islands! Coming to Orkney on holiday and want to go island hopping, but not quite sure which island to go to? Here's somewhere out of the ordinary: Try Flotta! It is a seriously underrated Orkney island, but has a lot to offer. Many people wouldn't think of going [...]Read more of Sssh, don’t tell – Flotta is our secret!...

Ness Battery

Gun emplacement at Ness Battery, Stromness
I visited Ness Battery today: a wartime site outside of Stromness. Andrew Hollinrake gave a tour of this well-preserved historical site. Gun emplacement at Ness Battery, Stromness. The gun emplacement at Ness Battery The Ness Battery guards the entrance to Scapa Flow, which was an important base for the British Navy in both World Wars. [...]Read more of Ness Battery...

Did you watch BBC2 Britain’s Ancient Capital, Secrets of Orkney?

Chris Gee archaeologist and sculptor.

I’m sure many of you watched BBC2 tonight, Britain’s Ancient Capital, Secrets of Orkney, with Neil Oliver. Did you spot Christopher Gee? He had so much fun last summer, filming with the BBC here in our garden, showing how to make a mace similar to the one found at the Ness of Brodgar. If you […]

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Seaplane pier at Swanbister, Orphir

24/12/2015 Swanbister beach in Orphir is perhaps not so obvious to find, but once you are down there the beautiful, white, sandy beach suddenly opens up before you. And as if to welcome a playful family on a calm winter’s day, two stone gateposts stand at either side of the entrance to the beach. While […]

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A mysterious patterned stone found on the shore in Rendall

New Year’s Eve 2015 Much to be discovered along the coast in Rendall today. We parked by the “doo-cot”, a beehive type dovecot [Link:] which acted as the winter live meat larder for the Hall of Rendall. From there, there’s a good view of Gairsay, where the notorious 12th century pirate Sveinn Asleifarson once […]

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