Ness of Brodgar open day

A busy day with lots of fun for Chris at his stone tools table. Ness of Brodgar Open Day, 20 August 2017.
It was a buzzing day at the Ness of Brodgar today. The second and last Open Day of the season, before the site closes down next week. Although the Ness is of course open for visitors every day during the excavation period, with tours (some of them given by our Chris), the Open Days are [...]Read more of Ness of Brodgar open day...

New: Chocolate carved stone ball

original carved stone ball from the Ness of Brodgar

Here is a new product I have just started making: A dark chocolate Carved Stone Ball. A carved stone ball is a stone age artefact type found in Scotland. This chocolate version is the exact shape and size of the one found at the Ness of Brodgar, Orkney, in 2013. It has six bosses, arranged […]

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