Selection of Neolotic carved stone objects by Chris Gee

Chris Gee Brodgar carved decorated stone in colourChris Gee Brodgar carved decorated stone in colour
Artistic replica of lost Carved Stone Ball from Orphir by Christopher Gee

Timetravel in Orkney – Delight in the past!

What is timetravel?

Timetravel is a hands-on experience of Orkney’s past.

Be a Viking for a day, travel as a Medieval pilgrim along St Magnus Way, experience farm life in the 1800s, or the nostalgic 1960s.

Each timetravel tour includes a practical, hands-on experience for you to feel that you have really gone back in time for the day.

Fun for the whole family, both for the young and the young at heart!

See the menu below of different timetravel adventures that you can join.


Our timetravel adventures are bookable in two ways:

  • Contact us via the contact form below to arrange a private booking exclusively for you and your family or group
  • See our calendar for upcoming timetravel adventures in the 2018 season and reserve your place

Menu of timetravel experiences

Viking Hiking

Full day walking tour

  • Be a Viking for a day.
  • Learn Viking crafts.
  • Games, stories, song and dance.
  • Viking cooking over open fire.

Viking Hiking is an experience that suits the whole family.

The day starts by taking a small passenger ferry from Stromness across to the island of Hoy. From Moaness pier we walk though the roadless valley between the famous Hills of Hoy, said in local folklore to have been dropped there by a giant when the strap broke on his two straw baskets carrying soil for his garden. On the way, we have time to enjoy the fresh air and the stunning, unspoiled Orkney landscape until we reach the secluded valley of Rackwick.

Once inhabited by the Vikings, Rackwick now lies undisturbed, like a green bowl surrounded by imposing cliffs in old red sandstone. We stop on the beach, by the old stone bothy, built in a style reminiscent of a Viking longhouse.

Here, we set up camp. We are met by an outdoor cooking and wilderness survival expert, who lets us into the secrets of the Viking way of life. You will have a go at practical skills such as weaving and braiding techniques and nettle rope making.

We cook over open fire and share an authentic Viking meal by the campfire. We play games, hear Viking songs and try a Viking dance, and listen to ancient stories passed down from the Vikings in the sagas and through local tradition in Orkney.

At the end of the day, we walk back to Moaness pier for the return ferry to Stromness (minibus transport back to the pier can also be arranged on request).

We are currently developing this tour.

Dates will be released soon in the events calendar, and booking will then open.

Pilgrimage along St Magnus Way

This tour is currently under development in collaboration with the St Magnus Way.

Please bear with us for a little while – Tour description, dates and booking to be released soon.

Ragnhild Ljosland Orkney Tourist Guide
Martyrdom of St Magnus, re-enacted, April 2017, Egilsay, Orkney, for Magnus 900.
Martyrdom of St Magnus, re-enacted, April 2017, Egilsay, Orkney, for Magnus 900.

Magnus 900 celebration, video by Orkney Islands Council, 2017

Orkney farm life in the 1800s

Full day tour

What was it like to live on a farm in Orkney in the 1800s? Timetravel back and find out!

This timetravel adventure takes you to Orkney’s last surviving horizontal wheel water mill, known as a Click Mill. We thereafter visit a real, working watermill: Barony Mills in the parish of Birsay. Here, we will see how the ancient type of barley, known as bere, gets milled into flour, ready to bake delicious bannocks.

We have lunch where we get to taste some Orkney produce.

After lunch, we visit the farm museum, where we experience the everyday life of an Orkney farming family in the 1800s, and the various tasks that needed to be done around the farm. There will also be traditional storytelling around the peatfire.

We finish the day by going to pay the landlord – or laird as they are known in Scotland – at the magnificent Skaill House mansion. Here, tenants had to off-cap to the laird and pay their rent in butter, or later in money.

Clickmill, or horizontal water mill, near Dounby. Mills of this type were once common in Orkney, and a Norse example has been excavated in Orphir.
Barony Mills in Birsay is a working watermill using bere, an ancient form of barley.


Calendar and booking to be published here soon – please bear with us for a little while.