Chris Gee archaeologist and sculptor.
Chris Gee, archaeologist, showing some of his Neolithic artwork.

We are a family from the Orkney Islands. Christopher’s field is archaeology. Ragnhild is usually known as Raggie, and her specialism lies in the language, literature, history  and culture of Orkney in its Scottish and Scandinavian contexts. Christopher is a native of Orkney, while Raggie comes from Norway. We live on the Orkney Mainland with our two children.

Brodgar is our small family business. We both feel a deep love for Orkney and its culture and archaeology. So we thought: Why not share this?

Under our motto “delight in the past!” we started Brodgar as a way of sharing our passion for Orkney. We began by recreating Orkney’s archaeological wonders in the medium of stone and chocolate.

Chris is a Neolithic stone mason, who makes carved stone balls and other Neolithic stone sculptures inspired by Orkney’s rich arcaheological finds. using Stone Age technology such as a bow drill and by rubbing against other carefully selected stones. Each piece is unique. He does not mass produce, but puts each new piece of art up for sale as and when it emerges. He can also do commissions.

Raggie recreates archaeological artifacts from the Stone Age, Pictish period and Viking Age in delicious Belgian chocolate.

After a time, we added  guided tours and time travel events to what we offer. Raggie is a qualified tourist guide, and can offer tailor-made private tours, or group tours. See our event calendar for time travel events!

On our blog, you can follow our explorations of places in Orkney of historical or archaeological interest.

Together, we delight in the past — We hope you will share it with us.

Kind regards,

Chris Gee & Dr Ragnhild Ljosland

Dr Ragnhild Ljosland Orkey Time Travel
Dr Ragnhild Ljosland, time travelling

If you are looking for the Ness of Brodgar archaeological excavation’s official website, follow this link: