Selection of Neolotic carved stone objects by Chris Gee

Chris Gee Brodgar carved decorated stone in colourChris Gee Brodgar carved decorated stone in colour
Artistic replica of lost Carved Stone Ball from Orphir by Christopher Gee

Artwork & Stone Sculpture

Selection of carved stone balls by Chris Gee, photographed at the Ring of Brodgar, Orkney, 2017.

Combining a thorough knowledge of Orkney’s archaeology with a skilled hand and eye for aesthetics, Christopher’s Neolithic stone sculptures are wonderful to behold and touch. Carved stone balls, geometric patterns, smooth polished stone axes and mace heads, all sculpted from stone found locally in Orkney using stone age tools and techniques.

Chocolate archaeology

Archaeological finds made in chocolate.

We love Orkney’s archaeology, and we would like to take some home. But since we can’t, we created chocolate archaeology instead. With these delicious chocolate artefacts, you can really delight in the past! Neolithic, Pictish and Viking chocolate ranges available.

Guided tours of Orkney

Guided tours of Orkney. Private tour or group tour. Ragnhild Ljosland, Orkney tourist guide.

Thinking of visiting Orkney? Ragnhild would be delighted to be your guide. Individuals, couples, families, small or larger groups are all welcome. Specialities: Nature walking, folklore and storytelling, archaeological heritage, Vikings, Norse & runes, Saga tours, Orkney literature and culture, Pilgrimage with Saint Magnus.

Vil du oppleve Orknøyene? Ragnhild blir gjerne med som din guide. Enten du kommer alene, med din kjære, som en familie, vennegjeng eller gruppe, er du hjertelig velkommen. Spesialiteter: Vandring i den fantastiske Orknøyske naturen, folketro og eventyr, den arkeologiske arven, vikingtid og den norrøne kulturen fra den tida Orknøyene var del av det norske riket, Orknøyenes litteratur, språk og kultur, pilgrimsvandring med Sankt Magnus. Ragnhild er den eneste fastboende guiden på Orknøyene med norsk som morsmål. Bli med på en skreddersydd omvisning eller meld deg på en tidsreise.


Viking Hiking in Orkney: a fun adventure and hands-on experience of Orkney's Viking past.

Jump on the time machine and go back to the Viking Age, Middle Ages or the Victorian era!

Time travel tours is a hands-on experience of the past, and fun for the whole family.

Our most popular time travel tours are the Viking Feast on the Beach and Viking Voyage to Hoy, where you visit Orkney’s Viking past, cook over open fire on the beach, and try your hand at Viking crafts and skills. Check our events calendar to find out when they run this summer.

Web shop

Viking whalebone plaque dragonheads from Orkney, in chocolate, made by Brodgar.

Packages of chocolate archaeology and the occasional stone sculpture are available in the web shop. We are happy to post to anywhere in the United Kingdom or European Union / EEA.

Orkney Viking Week 2019

New in 2019: Orkney Viking Week!

August 17 – 23rd

This will be a week packed with learning and fun, practical workshops and outings. Find out all about life in Viking Orkney. New events are being added to the programme all the time, which so far includes guided tours, book launches, falconry, Viking sheep, a Viking Voyage to Hoy, and of course the week will finish with a great Viking Feast on the Beach!

The Georgian House

The Georgian House, 83 Victoria Street, Kirkwall.

We are currently restoring The Georgian House on Kirkwall’s Victoria Street with a view to offering self-catering accommodation.

The Georgian House is a beautiful town house dating to the late 1700s. Once owned by the proprietor of Highland Park Whisky Distillery, the house has a rich history, and many of its original features are still intact. It also has a large walled garden.

Delight in the past discovery blog

A busy day with lots of fun for Chris at his stone tools table. Ness of Brodgar Open Day, 20 August 2017.

A saying goes that if you scratch Orkney’s surface, it bleeds archaeology. We like to go off the beaten track and discover the hidden traces of the near and distant past. We traipse through heather, trek up hills, balance along cliff edges, and sieve through sand to discover more. We photograph, think and write, but never take or destroy any of what we see. In this blog, you can share in these discoveries.